Tanglewood Supreme

It is a rare and exquisite moment when you find a restaurant that is refined and creative and delicious AND UNDISCOVERED.  To all of those who have been lucky enough to share in this moment with me, let us cherish being able to get into this tiny restaurant without a reservation on a Saturday night.  Our days are numbered!

Tanglewood Supreme, tucked away in an alley of Magnolia (a tucked away Seattle neighborhood in its own right), is a small, seafood-inspired bistro opened a mere six weeks ago. Its philosophy of “fisherman to table” shines through its inventive dishes where the freshest seafood is the star.

With roughly two dozen seats, two cooks in the open kitchen and two servers (one of whom is the owner, Kent), the restaurant feels incredibly intimate.  And the food…good god, it is delicious.

Let’s break it down.


Dry Martini.  With two briny olives and a pickled pearl onion.  Which I eat last, obviously.  Giving them time to soak up all the booze they can.


Thin slices of persimmon topped with red quinoa, ricotta salata, brussels sprouts, and candied walnuts.  $6.


Heirloom lettuce salad with baby turnips, sunflower brittle, focaccia croutons and a tamarind vinaigrette.  $6.

And then, the king of starters: King Salmon Crudo.


It was sooooo good.  Buttery raw salmon paired perfectly with slices of briny, tart pickled fennel and a very bright, acidic mizuna salad.  Oh yea, and housemade horseradish crackers.  $6.  You heard me right, $6; get there before the Seattle Times reviewer does.

Now, the big guns.  Entrees.


Seared Alaskan King Salmon, cooked perfectly medium-rare (which, if you are a true pacific northwesterner, is the only way to eat it).  Paired with meaty, rich cranberry beans, pancetta, brussels and a pumpkin puree. $24.


Maybe the most perfect scallops I have ever eaten.

The rest of the plate, while delicious, was nothing compared to these babies.  Rich, buttery scallops cut by a spicy green curry sauce.  Oh yea, and eggplant, naan puffs and the occasional crunch of macadamia nuts.  But these scallops…. I would eat them every day.  $24


Hanger steak.  Medium rare.  Sitting beautifully over all of its flavorful jus, sauteed kale, tender baby potatoes and pops of bright pomegranate.  $20.  This hanger, a relatively unpopular cut because of its toughness, was perfectly tender.


Hot, molten chocolate cake with ginger-orange coulis and chili powder.  I know, the molten chocolate cake thing is a little tired, but with only two chefs and no pastry chef, I’m impressed.

Tanglewood Supreme: go while you can!   The prices are unfairly inexpensive! It feels like stealing.  Go before it is booked every night.  And to those that already knew about it, I apologize for taking part in leaking the secret!